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Botanic Species offers high quality posters and framed prints of vintage botanical illustrations. We use images that have been professionally scanned from the original artwork at extremely high resolutions combined with modern printing and materials to create unique and affordable wall art.

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We offer every illustration as a poster or framed print. Each type of print is available in three different sizes. Read more about each product on our Prints & Materials page.


Our products generally ship to anywhere in the US, UK or Europe in 3-5 days and the rest of the world in 5-14 days. Our shipping rates are calculated during the checkout process, which lets us find the best rates in real time to keep shipping costs as low as possible. All products are securely packed to ensure they arrive undamaged. We will provide you with a tracking code as soon as your order ships.

Refunds & Replacements

We want you to be happy with your prints, but if something goes wrong we're happy to offer you a refund or replacement.

If your package arrives damaged or there is something wrong with your print, simply take a few photos clearly showing the issue and send them to us at support@botanicspecies.com. You will not normally need to ship your order back to us, although we may specifically request it.

If your order does not arrive within two weeks of the estimated arrival date please contact us for an update and we will arrange for a refund or reshipment if necessary.

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Decorating with Prints of Vintage Botanical Illustrations

Vintage botanical illustrations make excellent decorations for any home. While vintage posters, photographs and artwork are often used to decorate a living space, botanical illustrations offer a unique option that can infuse any home with charm and life. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they symbolize an appreciation of life, the beauty of nature and the resilience of our environment.

Botanical art of the past has a certain quality to it that is difficult to replicate today; the pieces are animated, individualized and meticulously detailed. The colors used to bring plants to life often appear brighter than current illustrations, giving them a unique, vibrant feel. While some vintage illustrations are simplified for scientific purposes, others are more ornate, providing a stunning array of colors, shapes and patterns that can liven up any wall.

Besides their vibrant colors and intricate details, vintage botanical illustrations also have a certain historical context to them that is often lost with modern artwork. Many of these illustrations were made in the 1900s and earlier, with some spanning several centuries. These pieces of art provide direct insight into the scientific understanding of plants during the time they were created. For example, some of the earliest illustrations are so detailed that researchers can still identify the exact plants depicted in them.

Besides their historical context, vintage botanical illustrations are also a reminder of the beauty and importance of our natural world. Many of these illustrations were created before the rise of large-scale industrial farming and the subsequent environmental issues that have resulted. These illustrations are a reminder of how things were before the industrial age, and can serve as an inspiration to take care of our environment for future generations.

In addition to their unique colors, details and historical context, vintage botanical illustrations are also a great way to add a touch of natural beauty to any home. They bring the outdoors inside and brighten up any room. These illustrations can also be incorporated in a variety of ways, from framed prints on a wall to decorative vases to quilts and pillows.

When deciding on a vintage botanical illustration for your home, it is important to consider the size and type of artwork that you wish to incorporate. Before purchasing, consider the colors and patterns of the other d├ęcor pieces in the room so that the illustration complements the overall feel of the space. Additionally, vintage botanical illustrations come in different price ranges, so consider your budget and the size and quality of the piece before making a purchase.

We're sure you'll agree vintage botanical illustrations make wonderful interior decorations. They provide a unique visual appeal and bring a certain historical, natural and vibrant feel to any space. Whether you are looking for something to add a touch of life to your living room, kitchen or bedroom, vintage botanical art is always a great choice.