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Nepenthes ampullaria is a fascinating species of carnivorous pitcher plant found in the equatorial rainforests of Southeast Asia. Unlike other Nepenthes species, which usually grow as vines, N. ampullaria pitchers spread out across moss-covered forest floors and rely as much on leaf litter as insects for their nutrients.

N. ampullaria has the distinction of being the only pitcher plant regularly visited by a crab - Geosesarma malayanum, also known as the "nepenthiphilous freshwater sesarmine crab". The small red crab feeds on drowned insects inside the pitchers, but has been known to occasionally fall in and be digested itself.

This 1871 illustration was created by the Belgian artist Pieter de Pannemaeker and published in the journal L'illustration horticole. It depicts an additional red-spotted variety named "Vittata Major".

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