Dendrobium lindleyi

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Dendrobium lindleyi (also known as D. aggregatum) is a unique and impressive orchid from the mountains of Southern China and Southeast Asia, where it is commonly kept in gardens and still found in the wild. During the cool, dry winters it produces showy bouquets of fragrant yellow flowers for weeks on end, while remaining compact and unobtrusive the rest of the year.

Named after the legendary English orchidologist John Lindley, D. lindleyi is unique among Dendrobiums for having short, fat pseudobulbs with a single leaf and flowers that last only a few days. However, D. lindleyi produces more flower spikes over a longer period of time than other species of Dendrobium (such as Dendrobium nobile).

This is a print of an illustration by English artist Sarah Drake, published in an 1835 issue of Edwards's Botanical Register.

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